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How to spare a Watt

With the right behaviour, you can save a lot of energy in your house and maybe save a dolphin or two in the process. Remember sometimes less really is more!


1. Turn it off 

The most obvious to begin, turn it off!! Always remember to turn all lights, TV and other appliances off when you are leaving the room or house


2. Standby is not the same as off!

Do not leave appliances on standby mode without a real need, remember today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage. You will be surprised how many energy-hungry devices your home has on standby unnecessarily


3. Wrap up 

The moment the sun starts to set, do not run straight for the thermostat put on a jumper, cardigan whatever you style. Wait until the radiators truly need to be used, when possible. I also hear cuddling up to a loved one can help


4. Heating

Do not overheat! Turning your thermostat down by just one degree can reduce energy consumption by up to 5%. Adjusting the temperature on the radiators themselves can reduce overheating and save you heating empty rooms unnecessarily 


5. Cooking 

Try boiling only the hot water you need, you will get that brew quicker too! When cooking, using lids on pots has the same effect, saves energy and you’ll get fed faster! 


6. Shower 

Switch from having a bath to a shower, it is quicker and, you guessed it, more energy-efficient. When showering reducing your shower time by one minute can make a huge difference to your water and energy usage


7. Washing

When doing your laundry, wait until you have a full load. Also, reducing the water temperature from 60 degrees to 30 degrees requires less energy to heat the water up. If possible, use eco cycles. Note: the same goes for your dishwasher


Our tips won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they all add up, so starting conserving energy today.

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