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Outsourcing has seen tremendous growth in the property sector

How many property agencies are on the market who offer a real full service from finding a property, viewings, utilities arrangements to screwing the furniture all together? It seems impossible to deliver well designed and satisfying service at every step when doing everything alone. Thus, businesses progressively decide to outsource the bits they can’t do or others can do better. That way, company gains more time and energy to focus on core values and competency – the thing it does the best.



Getting right people in the house is undoubtedly essential to landlords, since careless and irresponsible tenants may turn the property into a total mess. Thus, landlords require reassurance of tenants identities and ability to pay the bills, when they decide to rely on a external help from letting specialists. For that reason, professional referencing grew as a separate business that serves the letting agencies and private landlords.


Sometimes, the person that client meets on the property to do viewing is not the same person who would conclude a contract. Due to the vast number of properties available on the market, some letting agencies may decide to leave the viewings with external agents who work with the agency based on commissions.

Registering and managing utilities

When the landlord decides to leave all property management issues in the hands of letting agency, he or she may also expect the utilities to be handled. It takes, however, a lot of time and effort to fix best contracts for clients, which an agency may not have, considering all other activities that it covers. Since managing bills on your own may leave landlords with empty pockets (see Two ways it may go wrong when managing the utility bills on your own), they often decide to reach out help from a professional utility service, that provides tailored and personalised solutions to manage the property bills.

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