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Simple tips that will help you to manage your energy bills

If you are struggling to keep your utility expenses sorted each month, you may need new solutions to control what’s exactly coming in and going out of the household.

We tend to treat utility bills as receipts, once received and reviewed we toss them away or keep it locked deep in a drawer, hoping to never look at it again unless it is really necessary. Lack of a good organisation system, however, may lead to unpaid bills and increasing debts affecting bad credit reports. If you don’t manage your bills regularly, you will most likely find yourself lost in a pile of papers, finding out that it will take much more time than you expected.

So if you haven’t introduced a good scheme already, it is the right time to think about your options.

1. Run a book

or an electronic spreadsheet with relevant categories, where you write down every detail – the type of a bill, the provider, the amount, the due date, balance etc. Treat each bill as you pay it for the first time. As soon as a new mail comes, separate it from everything else and sort it out by placing all details in your designated spots. This will help you to keep all payments clear and organised if you do it up to date! Choosing this approach, however, you must be conscious and schedule some time each week to run through your bank statements and bills.

2. Organise a special box,

basket or file, where you will gather all your bills split by months. By the end of each month take a few hours off and run through all payments to select those, which are still waiting to be covered. This will for sure save you some worries throughout the month but may cost you a lot of time and effort at the end of it.

3. Leave it in the hands of the utility bills specialists

and use that precious time for yourself! This way you can be sure that your bills are taken care of professionally every month and you gain more stress-free time for other activities.


It is totally up to you which way you want to go, but do not neglect your bills! If you want to know what exactly the utility service can do for you, go on the One Utility Bill website or get in touch straight away.

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