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Some reassurance about our energy supplier

With so many recent headlines about energy suppliers in trouble, we wanted to start sharing updates to reassure our customers and keep everybody up to date.


The last update to this post was 28th September 2021.


Your supply is safe

Let’s address the big question head on: your energy supply is safe with us.


We’re confident in our energy partner, Octopus Energy, for a number of reasons:

  1. They’re a safe pair of hands. The way they buy their energy is less risky than many other energy suppliers. They pay for the energy up front at a guaranteed price, which means that big fluctuations in energy pricing affect them less than suppliers who choose to buy from the market at constantly varying rates.
  2. They’re working with the government and Ofgem. Octopus said in a statement: "Customers should not worry...As one of the largest, best backed, best run companies in the sector, we will do all we can to support consumers, government and Ofgem as they work through this." They've also been appointed as the SoLR for Avro Customers, chosen over the big 6, to take on customers from Avro Energy.

  3. They just got a huge vote of confidence from an international investor. This means they have the ability to weather any short term issues that have unfortunately taken many other energy companies under. If you’re curious you can read more about the investment in Octopus Energy.


We’re here to deal with this for our customers

We manage bills and utilities for our customers. That means it’s our job to deal with this sort of problem on their behalf. This crisis, and any others that may come along, are one less stress for them to deal with because we’ve got it covered.


Staying up to date with industry news and developments means we’re always in the best possible position to offer the best service and information to our customers.


We’ll keep you up to date

If anything changes we’ll update our customers ASAP via email, and keep this blog and our social channels as current as possible so everybody’s in the loop.


Thanks for reading! 

The One Utility Bill Team

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