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Virtual reality: revolutionary tool in the property market?

There is no doubt that technology plays a huge role in modern business. Recently, virtual reality has been a subject of extensive discussions. In the simplest way, the computer-simulated reality enables us to travel virtually through cities, countries and landscapes within just a few minutes. It helps travellers to set their destinations, allows them to have a walkthrough hotel, restaurants and check their facilities, both from the outside and inside.

Go on the tour around the property

Technology reshapes the property industry. Driven by the ever-growing demand for convenience, the 3D viewing trend came to the market as a new way of promoting or visiting the property. Nothing quite shows off space like a virtual tour around it. This amazing technology can give potential tenants a real feel for a property.

Some letting agencies have already applied this function bringing their business to the next level, where clients can ‘play’ around the property, zoom in, out and scroll around a full 360-degree angle. The 3D tour allows clients to interact with the panorama picture by rotating all directions, visiting all rooms and investigating details around the property – without even talking to anybody!

Why can it be beneficial to tenants?

Imagine that you are a tenant looking for a house in a different city or even a country. In such a situation the 3D tour sounds like a good solution, doesn’t it? It makes the whole decision process much easier since you get the first-hand experience with the property. Furthermore, you can easily show it to your partner or friends reaching out for advice. The virtual tour provides you with impressions about space, allows you to see the measurements of all rooms and helps to estimate whether your furniture will fit in.

Why can it be beneficial to landlords?

First of all, it expands heavily the rental possibilities. With a virtual tour around your house, you could reach people around the globe. Also, you give your clients a flexible option to see the property when it is most convenient for them. Furthermore, choosing that way, you don’t disturb your current tenants with frequent visits to the house.

There is, however, more to come. With the rapid development of the technology soon we will be exposed to even more advanced tools that keep revolutionising the property market. All that to make the rental business less time-consuming and more convenient.

Here is a great example:

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