Question / Can I Refer a Friend?

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Can I Refer a Friend?

Yes, of course! Our Refer a Friend scheme is an easy straightforward process for you to refer your friends and get rewarded when they sign up.

We are giving £25 to your friends when they sign up to a One Utility Bill package and you’ll receive: 

  • £25 if you refer 1 person (i.e. you’ll be sharing £50 between you)
  • £35 if you refer 2 people (i.e. sharing £60)
  • £55 if you refer 3 people (i.e. sharing £80)
  • £125 if you refer 4 people (i.e. sharing £150)
  • £175  if you refer 5 people (i.e. sharing £200)
  • £175 for every person thereafter too (i.e. for the 6th person, you’ll get another £175!)

Simply, enter your friends details into the Refer a Friend page on your dashboard and we’ll do the rest!

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