Question / How do I submit a meter reading?

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How do I submit a meter reading?

It is important that you submit meter readings to us on a monthly basis. Opening and closing meter readings, from the start and end of your package, are especially important as they show your overall usage throughout your tenancy.  This helps us to ensure that the energy suppliers bill for the correct usage.

Please click here for more information on how to read the meters in your property.

Capped Energy Users

Providing regular meter readings also enables you to monitor your usage - this will provide an insight into any potential refund thay may be due at the end of your package if you are a capped energy user!

Unlimited Energy Users

If you are an unlimited energy user, you will be required to submit monthly meter readings. This is so that we can ensure that we pay accurate bills on your behalf to the supplier.

Meter readings are needed to ensure that your consumption is not excessive and stays within reasonable allowances. Your package allowances are set high meaning that you are very unlikely to exceed these amounts. 

If you do experience any errors submitting these readings, please email them across to [email protected], alongside your property address so we can quickly identify your account. 

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