Question / What can be included in my One Utility Bill package?

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What can be included in my One Utility Bill package?

We can include energy only or the full works:

– Electricity (unlimited allowances available)

– Gas (unlimited allowances available)

– Water and Sewerage

– TV Licence

– Broadband (Sky or Virgin Broadband, depending on availability in your location)

– Sky TV 

Fixed term or rolling tenancy
We understand that every household is different. Therefore, we offer two types of packages:

Fixed-term package – you know exactly how long you will be in your property, perfect for students. Your One Utility Bill package will automatically come to an end after your agreed fixed period, unless you decide to renew your package.

Rolling package – Your package will continue on a month by month basis until you give us 30 days notice and we will close down all your accounts for you. We will revise your pricing every 12 months. 

Quotes and Prices
If you would like a quote for our service, please get in touch with our Sales team at 0191 622 0102 and select option 2 or book a call back here.

Alternatively, you can get a quote on our website and enter your details for our Sales team to get in contact with you.

All our quotes include a management fee of £4.00 per property, per month and £4.75 per person, per month. We can include energy, water, TV Licence, Broadband and Media in our packages. 

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