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Why do I need an engineer for my broadband?

For Sky Broadband, you'll always need an engineer to activate the lines at your property. You'll get your router before your engineer appointment. Bear in mind that the engineer might not need to come into your home. Sometimes all the necessary work can be carried out from the outside. If your time slot passes on the day of your appointment and you haven't heard from the engineer, plug in your router. You should have an active connection. 

For Virgin Media, you'll only need an engineer if your property isn’t already wired for Virgin or if there is any damage to the sockets.

Occasionally new Cuckoo Broadband customers need an engineer to come out and set them up with the right kind of socket. This is arranged on a case-by-case basis and isn't always needed.
The engineer will come and fit a socket, usually near the front of the property, by drilling a hole in the external wall. It’s a good idea to let your landlord know about this as a courtesy, but it shouldn't be a problem. The engineer will let you know what they’re doing and tidy up after themselves.

When you move into your property, be sure to check for any damage to any sockets and inform One Utility Bill as soon as possible. This will mean that we can let the providers know of any useful information when we place the order, which will not cause any delays to your order.

For Cuckoo Broadband, you could be charged £60 for an engineer appointment and £80 for any missed appointments. This will be made 100% clear to you when you’re setting up so you’ll know what’s going on. Other suppliers could also charge you for missing appointments, we'll pass this onto you as an additional charge so try not to miss your appointment!

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