Question / Why is my broadband slow?

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Why is my broadband slow?

The speed of the broadband at a property can alter due to the location of the property, how many devices are connected to the router and many other factors. 

If problems with your broadband persist then you may need to call the providers troubleshooting line or try disconnecting some devices to gain better speeds.

You can also order your own booster to help improve your connection. 

If you have Virgin Media broadband please contact our customer service team so we can provide you with your account details, then you will be able to contact Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111 and run through troubleshooting.

If you have Sky broadband you will need to call the Sky Business department to run through troubleshooting, they can be contacted on 0844 241 1611. Please note that the Sky business phone number does charge a premium rate.  Please allow the line to ring through and ask if you are speaking to the Business department. They won’t need any account numbers, only your property address! 

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