Well here it is, the month where millions of people across the U.K hang up their dancing shoes and participate in Dry January: life minus booze for a month.

The excess of the festive season, which normally consists of enough mince pies and mulled wine to last until next Christmas, leads many of us to the New Years resolutions of ‘get fit’ and ‘eat healthier’ for the forthcoming year. So why are you participating in Dry January? Is it to save money, avoid the dreaded hangover or to simply assist the resolution of being healthier?

Whatever the reason, if Dry January is on your to-do list for 2019, here’s some tips on how to get through the 31 days alcohol free!

  1. Make a plan

Having plans in the diary that don’t involve booze will help to keep you focussed and motivated not to break that no-alcohol streak. It might help to plan your social life around your friends who are also taking part in Dry January… so say goodbye to Dave and his habit of always getting in a round of shots when you only planned on staying out ‘for one.’

  1. Stock up on alternatives

The first couple of days can be tough, especially when December was heavily focussed around Christmas parties and boozy festivities. Clear out the wine cupboard, chuck the gin in the attic and stock up on herbal teas and hot chocolate. However, if you’re really struggling you could treat yourself some alcohol-free prosecco!

  1. Reward yourself

Other than the obvious health benefits that the abstinence of alcohol has on the body (which is a reward in itself) why not focus on the tangible benefits instead? There’s always the advantage of having more ££ in your pocket. One pint a day after work amounts to around £120 a month – think of what you could spend this on: new shoes, a flight to Paris, the list is endless.

  1. Book a holiday

If you’re already feeling the dreaded January blues then why not challenge yourself to save the money you would normally spend on alcohol to secure a seat to the next destination on your bucket list? It also helps that there are quite a few airlines having a sale this month…

So, that’s it… hopefully the above tips give you that extra boost of motivation and all in all, if you’re taking part in Dry January – we salute you and wish you good luck!