DevOps Engineer

Development Team

£30,00 – £45,000 per annum DOE

The role requires the candidate to co-manage company devops practices, documentation and implementation as well as software development. The ratio of devops to software work will vary, but will typically be 20% programming to 80% devops.

Devops work will include tasks such as managing cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, networking, domain management, firewall management, managing third party vulnerability scanning/pen-testing and more.

The development aspect of the role will cover a range of projects, and will primarily focus on the systems that support our operational function and automation. Projects/features can range from one week to four month builds, often dealing with multiple repositories, large data operations, complex test scenarios, and require a good level of planning.

The role is within a small and engaged team, where all developers have a similar skillset and collaborate regularly.


  • Extensive PHP knowledge essential
  • Extensive DevOps knowledge, particularly surrounding the PHP ecosystem.
  • Other web languages preferable (JS/Python/Go)
  • Experience with a good portion of the following: 
    • Linux 
    • Puppet/Ansible or similar
    • Networking (iptables/netstat)
    • Security (metasploit/clamav/nmap/snort/fail2ban)
  • Not essential, but good to have either Linux foundation, LIPC, or Redhat certification.

Applications must include

  • CV & Cover Letter
  • Link to portfolio/GitHub if available
  • Deadline for applicants is 27th March 2020

Hiring manager: Dale Knight, CTO


  • 4+ years with combination of listed skills development experience