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Something still not right? Here’s the complaints procedure:

Your best bet is to speak to the superstars in our Customer Support team, but if things still aren’t quite right, here’s how to make a complaint. You’ll hear from the team to acknowledge your complaint within 7 days.

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Give us a call:


Drop us a line:


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Write us a letter:

One Utility Bill

5 Media Exchange,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

*Please ensure that you include your property address and contact details. Please provide as much information and detail as you can to help us to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

Your complaint will go to the relevant manager who’ll aim to get things sorted for you ASAP.

The time it takes to resolve the problem will vary, especially if there are third parties involved. You’ll get regular updates if this is the case!

For extra advice and helpful information, you can get in touch with Citizens Advice Service for free.