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Say hello to Unlimited Energy (and our capped option too)

Use as much as you need with no overuse charges, ever! Or keep costs down and an eye on the meter with a capped package.

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The broadband speed you need

Choose the broadband speed that suits your household so you only pay for what you’ll use.


Your choice of TV channels = Sorted

Whether you want a premium TV package with sports and movies, or to keep it simple with a TV licence so you can watch things live, add it to your bills package to make life easier.


Unlimited water

No more worries about the meter. Pay one flat monthly fee!


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What is a bills package?

A One Utility Bill bills package is a quick, easy way to make utilities as easy as they should be.

Pay a small management fee each month, and you get:


All your bills in one fixed monthly payment ✅


Your time back! No more calls to suppliers 🙅


A custom bills package 👍


Easy bill splitting with other bill payers

a man carries a moving box into his new home - his bills are already sorted thanks to One Utility Bill bills package