What we offer

Personalise your package

Pick and choose between energy, broadband, water and TV to build a package that’s right for your home!

100% renewable energy

Optional unlimited energy

Never pay any nasty over-usage fees with our unlimited energy option! Use as much energy as you need and you’ll pay the same amount every month and we won’t leave you a surprise bill at the end of your contract. We also offer capped energy options too. You pick and choose what best suits your household. 

Super-fast broadband

Superfast broadband

Add on superfast broadband to your monthly bills package! We partner with Sky, Cuckoo Broadband and Virgin Media to bring you fast, reliable broadband so you can stay up to speed.



Add water to your package and we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll register your property with your local supplier and keep your water flowing!

TV License & packages

TV Licence & packages

TV licence the last thing on your mind? Why not add it on to your utility package so it is one less payment to think about. Now you can sit back and enjoy stress-free streaming. 

We offer great TV packages through our partners Sky TV, so you can keep everyone in your house entertained!

Here’s what’s happening with your prices during the energy crisis

Your prices could be changing in response to the energy crisis and we want to let you know what we're doing and why. We’ll always be transparent about any change we make to our service and how it could impact you.

Manage your account online

To keep things simple, when you sign up with us, we’ll create an online dashboard just for you. Upload meter readings, update your payment details, and even get cash back when you refer friends... all in the click of a button.

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