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Unlimited Renewable Energy for your bills package

 (yes, really)

Say hello to Unlimited Renewable Energy

Add our Unlimited Energy service to your bills package and use all the energy you need to stay warm and fully charged with no worries about the bills.

  • One fixed monthly payment for your energy, regardless of how much you need to use
  • 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners, Octopus Energy and Rebel Energy
  • Variable tariff option if you need more flexibility


Think of it like your unlimited mobile plan. You might have months when you don’t use so much, but aren’t you glad it’s there when you need it?

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How does Unlimited Energy work_

How does Unlimited Energy work?

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Unlimited Energy is:

  • A service you pay for
  • Not based on usage
  • Not the same service you’d get from a supplier

This is important to know before you shop around. You won’t be comparing like with like if you compare your Unlimited Energy quote to a quote from a supplier.

More about our renewable energy 

Once you've signed up for a bills package, you'll be set up with one of our partner energy suppliers, Octopus Energy or Rebel Energy. 

We chose these suppliers partly because they offer 100% renewable electricity, and both work hard to make the UK's energy network more sustainable for everybody over time.  

Our renewable suppliers are the default option for your bills package. Very rarely there's an issue that means you can't be switched from the existing supplier at your address, who may not offer green energy. You'll still get the same service from us.

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Are there really no over-usage fees?


There are no over-usage fees for Unlimited Energy customers, because there’s no usage limit to go over or under.


At the end of your contract there are no bills and no refunds, because there was never a limit in the first place.


Instead of paying for your energy each month, you’re paying to not worry about your energy each month. You pay for the Unlimited Energy service, not your usage.

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Your Unlimited Energy price is made up of:

  1. Number of people in your house
  2. The power supply at your address
  3. The price of energy

If you have an electric car that’ll also be taken into account 👍

The exact language in our Terms and Conditions covers you for any residential use. That means as long as you’re not running a factory or an industrial kiln in your spare room, you can use the energy you need with no worries.

The price of energy comes into it because of course we still pay your energy supplier, regardless of how much you use. Pricing based on the cost of energy means we can keep offering the service.


Get capped energy in your bills package

Get a capped energy deal, like you’d get from a supplier, with all the benefits of a bills package. It'll still have 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners.

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Like normal energy bills, but better

If you choose a capped energy deal you still get all the benefits of a One Utility Bill package:

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No admin

Group 449

No dealing with suppliers on the phone

Group 449

No juggling direct debits.


100% renewable electricity


Choose the renewable energy tariff that suits you


Fixed energy tariff

A fixed-term contract with a fixed energy tariff means the price you pay for energy will stay the same for the length of your contract.

If you know you’re unlikely to move in the next year, and want predictable bills, this could be the perfect choice for you.

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Variable energy tariff

A rolling contract with a variable energy tariff means that your energy prices will change with the energy price cap.

If you need flexibility, this is the option for you. End your contract at any time with no charge, as long as you give 30 days' notice.

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You’ll be in great hands

Our amazing customer service team aren’t rated 4.6 on Trustpilot for nothing.