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Unlimited Water for your bills package


No more watching your water usage

Water bills add up quickly on a water meter. The daily water usage for the average household is more than 300 litres. That's a llot of litres.

Pay for those essential water company services the less stressful way with a bills package; unlimited clean water and sewerage services included.  

Add Unlimited Water to your bills package so you can:

  • Stress less about the water meter
  • Pay for water with all your other bills in the same payment each month 
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What's the cost of the average water bill per month?

According to Water UK it works out at a little under £40 a month, but it depends on where you live.

If you have a water meter your bill is based on how many litres of water you and your family use. (It's actually measured in cubic metres, if you wondered.)

Your water bill covers your water supply and your sewerage charge, basically the supply of fresh water and the removal of dirty water and other waste from your home.

How do Unlimited Water bills work?

Unlimited Water from One Utility Bill works a bit like an unlimited mobile contract, but for water bills. Use all the water you need, and rest easy knowing every cubic metre of it is covered in one fixed monthly payment.

Your water bill will stay the same, regardless of your monthly water usage. We'll pay your water supplier on your behalf, so they don't miss out, and your sewerage charge and water supply are still covered.

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Like normal bills, but better

Add Unlimited Water to your bills package with your other utilities for stress-free bills.

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No dealing with suppliers on the phone

No juggling direct debits.

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Did you know we also offer Unlimited Energy bills? 

Use all the gas and electricity you need, covered in one fixed monthly bill. Plus you'l get 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners. 

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