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Why choose a One Utility Bill?

Why do I need a bills package?

So glad you asked.

A bills package is an easy way to save time, split the bills and make your finances simpler. And fixed price options make your outgoings more predictable.


Most people don’t use a bills package. Let’s change that.

a woman lies on her sofa at home relaxing with her cat. She has super easy bills because of her one utility bill bills package with unlimited energy.
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3 Steps to easy bills

Choose your services to get a quote

Choose your service to get a quote

Renewable energy, broadband, TV package, TV licence, water

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Add payment details

Add your payment details and choose a payment date. If you're splitting with other bill payers, they'll get a request via email to add theirs.

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Forget about bills ‘til it’s time to renew

Skip the long waits on hold and admin faff. You’ve got better things to do with your time.

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What is a bills package?

A bills package from One Utility Bill is a quick, easy way to make your finances simpler and less stressy. You pay a small management fee each month, and in return you get:

All your bills in one monthly payment

No more direct debits in the middle of the month. Pick a date that works for you and pay everything in one go each month.

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Two women sit eating burgers deciding which services to add to their easy bills package from One Utility Bill
Pick and mix services

Pick and mix services

Build your perfect package with the services you want. Leave out the ones you don’t.

Split the bills with other bill payers

Make sharing the cost of bills easier.

  • Split your monthly bills package payment
  • Only pay your share each month
  • Pick a payment date and method that suits you
  • No chasing for payments or arguments over money
A group of housemates in the kitchen presumably very happy to have an easy bill splitting option thanks to their One Utility Bill bills package

Never speak to a utility supplier again

It's our job to make bills as easy as they should be. If something goes wrong, there’s one easy point of contact for all your utilities. Our amazing Customer Support team is on your side to get it all sorted. They’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot for a reason.

Couldn’t I just sort my bills myself?

Yeah, if you like. 

You could also grow your own food, walk everywhere, and sew your own clothes. But you’re (probably) happy to pay for convenience and let experts handle it, right? It’s an extra service that makes your life a little easier. Who doesn’t want that?

A bills package is the faff-free, no-stress, super simple way to sort bills. Our team of experts handle everything for you, you just pay a little extra for the convenience. 

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Where to next?

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See your service options

What would you put in your perfect bills package? Read about your options here.


Get more info before you decide

If bills are new to you, why not read up before you take the plunge? We’ve got tons of info to help you out.

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Ready to go? Get a quote

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