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Customer Reconcilliation Assistant

Hi I’m Abby and I work in operations, helping to close down packages. I am representing the Irish at OUB and in my free time, I love running and dogspotting.


Customer Support – Team Leader

I’m always ready to answer your queries whether it’s over the phone, email or on live chat! Being able to resolve queries and put a smile on our customer’s faces is my absolute passion (as well as drinking waaay too much Earl Grey tea!).


Customer Reconciliation Assistant

Hi, I’m Andy and I work in the Operations team. I am responsible for producing the closedown statements for our packages. Big sports fan and fond of a beer or two!


Financial Director

Proud to be part of the One Utility Bill team, taking responsibility for the finances and helping support the business with its growth strategy. When not number crunching, likely to be found in the great outdoors generally on two wheels or seeking out live music.


Head of Commercial Operations

I have been at One Utility Bill since November 2016. I am the Head of Commercial Operations. We carry out audits, balance accounts and speak to our key suppliers.


Customer Operations Assistant

Hi, I’m Ben. I am an Operations Assistant and I help set up accounts within the operations team. In my spare time, I play in a band, I also follow Newcastle United and am a lover of video games when I get a minute to play them.


Customer Support Advisor

Hi, I’m Cait! As a proud member of the customer support team, I am always ready to answer any queries that you may have! When I’m not at my desk, you will usually find me surrounded by my cats, watching a Netflix documentary and eating too much pizza.


CEO, Co-founder

One Utility Bill was founded in 2014 as a solution to an issue I had as a student renter. I’d love to list all the exciting things I do outside of work, but it turns out I’m quite a boring guy.


Business Development Executive

Hi, I’m Connor. I joined the tenant team after Olivia and Jodie and I am therefore the self proclaimed tweedleTAH-DAH of the team and I also ensure new tenants know who their current utility providers are. In my spare time I play a bit of football, watch it or talk about it, and that’s about it.


Customer Operations Assistant

Hi, I’m Courtney and I work in the operations department setting up packages and creating broadband accounts. Out of hours, you’ll find me devouring a Nando’s with my boyfriend or gossiping with my friends over a cocktail.


CTO, Co-founder

As CTO at One Utility Bill, I focus on leading the development team to create our online products and providing the technical support for our operations team. Outside of work I love travelling, reading, cooking, playing the piano, and running (all at the same time).


Head of Sales

I am Gemma aka cat enthusiast, sci-fi fan, red wine drinker and Head of Sales at One Utility Bill. I am responsible for supporting our sales team to reach out to all potential clients, introducing our Bills Inclusive and Notify product.



I’m Graham and I’m apart of the back-end development team, I construct new features for our systems and also ensure that if any issues arise I help resolve them as quickly as possible.


Developer – Team Leader

Hi! I’m Jack and I’m a developer here at One Utility Bill. I work with the team to create cutting edge features for our products. Outside of work I enjoy going to gigs and festivals in the local area, or travelling further afield in my converted camper van.


Account Manager

Hi, I’m Jack. I’m an Account Manager for Notify and also part of the Sales Support team, helping to ensure all the information is correct for sales packages and generally trying to keep everything running smoothly. Outside of the office you can often find me in one of the many pubs throughout the Ouseburn or halfway up a crag in Northumberland.


Customer Support Advisor

Hello there, I’m James. I work with the Customer Support team to help you out and to answer your queries. I am always happy to investigate issues to get a resolution.


Customer Reconciliation Assistant

Hey, I’m Jess and I’m part of the commercial operations team. My daily duties include reconciling and auditing accounts and dealing with any administrative tasks along the way. Outside of work I love binge-watching Netflix documentaries, going out to new places for food and I am an avid follower of the MotoGP.


Customer Support

Hi, my name is Jess and I’m part of the customer support team! I’m more than happy to help with any queries or questions that anyone has. I’m very patient, love to listen and cannot resist a coffee.


Tenant Sales

Affectionately known as the tweedle dee of the Tenant Sales team. I work alongside the Notify team and Olivia, ensuring new tenants know who their current providers are. Also, voted the best ‘phone voice’ in the office.


Sales Support

I’m responsible for making sure the Notify product keeps ticking along. On a day-to-day basis, I solve any provider and/or council queries. Other than that, all I do is eat a lot.


Senior Account Manager

I work with our partner agents on the ubundle team. I’m here to help at every stage of ubundle! From setting up utility packages and training agents on the ubundle service, to day to day enquiries.


Senior Account Manager

I ensure everything ticks along as it should for our agents using our Bills Inclusive service. Any issues our partner agents may have are quickly resolved. I also help our Customer Service team with complicated issues!


Programmer, DevOps

I’m responsible for developing the APIs, managing our servers and improving internal automated processes.


Customer Operations – Team Leader

I am responsible for setting up packages within the operations team, outside of work my partner and I organise charity sports events.



Hi, I’m Manish and I’m a developer here at One Utility Bill. I work with an amazing team and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser. Outside of work you will find me hanging out with friends or playing basketball/cricket.


Finance Assistant

Hi, I’m part of the finance team who deals with the day to day finances of the business & making sure everything ticks over. In my spare time I enjoy socialising and watching Newcastle Utd take part evey week.


Account Manager

Hi, I’m Nadia and I’m part of the Sales Support Team. I help make sure all of the information in the sales packages are correct as well as assisting others in their day to day duties. I LOVE animals and music – from Tina Turner to Tupac! Outside of work you will catch me binging on a new Netflix series or walking my huge dog.


Tenant Sales – Team Leader

The tweedle dum of the Tenant Sales team, I work alongside Jodie ensuring new tenants know who the current utility providers are and sell our handy One Utility Bill packages. I am an avid traveller boasting more countries than years on this earth. Give me any countries flag, and I’ll name it!


Tenant Sales

Hi, I’m Patryk, and I’m part of the sales team. I was once told black is slimming, but those hips really don’t lie. In my free time, you can catch me buying things I don’t need or listening to intense music (Shakira).



Hi, I’m Sagar. I’m a Full Stack Developer, here at OUB. I help ensure that the our customers and in-house teams have the best possible experience with our digital products. Outside of work you’ll find me playing football or video games, or cooped up in front of the TV.


Customer Operations Manager

My main priorities are loving bills, being organised and creating that feeling you get at Christmas when you’re happy and full and surrounded by loved ones to the team during the busy Summer months where emotions are high, adrenaline is pumping and bills are everywhere.


Customer Support – Team Leader

Hey, I’m Sarah I am a member of the customer support team. I am always here to help with any queries, problems that you may have.! Outside of work you will usually find me doing something outdoors, supporting my local football team or having a glass of vino with the girls.


Head of Marketing and Customer Support

I am thoroughly passionate about board games and cheese, in that order. I love my dog, holidays and visiting my home city, Auckland. I am proud to have been a part of One Utility Bill since 2017 and involved in the growth and I am excited to be a part of the company’s future!


Customer Support Advisor

Hello, I’m Sophie. I work in the Customer Support team ready to answer any of your queries and I am always happy to help!


Marketing Executive

I’m the other half of the marketing team and have a love for branding, creative writing and, weirdly, data? That’s right, I’m a creative who doesn’t curl into a tiny ball and cry at the sight of a spreadsheet…a rare breed! Outside of work I train, play football and drink beer which sounds a little basic really, but I like what I like!


Business Development Executive

Hey, I’m Tom! I spend my days on the Business Development team helping the UK’s lovely letting agents access the benefits of our Notify registration platform. When I’m not at my desk, you’ll either find me in a pub, a kayak or an ill-fated combination of the two.

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