Simplifying your household bills

We set up and consolidate your utilities, broadband, and media, into one simple monthly payment. Split the payment between housemates, and live stress free!

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Never speak to a utility provider again.


Dedicated customer support.

With our dedicated customer support team, you can speak to us via livechat, phone or email, no more hold times. We’ll take care of you.


Pay your fair share, fairly.

Split your monthly payment equally between housemates, without paying a bill-splitting fee. You will only be responsible for your portion of the bill.

Payments are collected monthly via a card debit, either from each tenant or from one lead tenant.

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Always be in control.

Your monthly payment is fixed throughout your tenancy, so you will always know how much you’re going to pay, for easy budgeting. You can monitor your energy usage and services via your tenant dashboard.


What can we include?


We partner with multiple energy providers to ensure that you’re on the most suitable tariff. The price quotes always include VAT and any standing charges.


We estimate your usage across your tenancy and ensure you’re on a suitable tariff for you, that always include VAT and standing charges.


All water charges include sewerage costs and groundwater drainage and are charged at the rate of your local authority.


We know you need a fast connection to live your everyday life. We’ve partnered with Virgin Media to ensure that you receive the fastest connection (up to 300MB), in non-Virgin areas, we work with other great providers to keep you connected. All broadband packages are unlimited.


Choose from any of the Virgin Media bundles, anything from the basic 130+ channels, to 200+ channels with sports & movies addons.

TV Licence

If live or recorded television is watched within the property the occupants may be liable for a fine if they do not possess a valid TV licence. We’ll take care of that.

Did you know?

When you move home you can take your One Utility Bill package with you!

Simply contact customer service team and we will get it sorted.

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