Easy bills package for renters and homeowners

One monthly bill, zero hassle

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Like normal bills, but better

Make bills easier with a custom bills package and the option to split the bills with other bill payers. Use the payment method that suits you, and never deal with a utilities company again. That's worth the price of a latte or two, right?

Reasons to love One Utility Bill


Unlimited Renewable Energy
(Yes, really)

Treat your energy bill like your mobile with our Unlimited Energy service.

  • Pay a fixed price every month and use all the gas and renewable electricity you need.
  • No usage limits, so no big bills at the end of your contract.
  • Choose a predictable fixed tariff, or a flexible rolling tariff. 

The easiest way to pay the bills

Pay bills for your energy, TV, water and broadband in one fixed easy payment, with the option to split the bills.


More time, less stress

Set up your bills in one step to get rid of some moving stress. Don't think about bills again ‘til it's time to renew.

On average that's 20 phone calls and 40ish bills you don't need to bother with this year.

renewable energy

100% renewable electricity

Get 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners whether you choose Unlimited Energy or a capped package.

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Easier finances

Simplify your bank statement, budget more easily, and spend less time thinking about direct debits or card payments. Basically, it's a simpler way to sort your bills, regardless of payment method.


Predictable outgoings

Choose the fixed price option when you sign up to keep your finances simple and your expenses the same each month. 

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Pick and mix the perfect bills package

All bills packages include energy, and everything else is up to you. Tap the button below to read more about our services.

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Unlimited Energy 

A service you can't get from an energy supplier! Use as much gas and electricity as you need without worrying about the cost of your energy bills,  getting into energy arrears, or what your meter readings look like, even during cold weather. Perfect for busy houses, big families, and cold winters.

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Capped energy

You know the deal. This is just like the service you'd get directly from a traditional energy provider. Pay based on your energy usage, with the extra convenience that your monthly electricity and gas bills are wrapped into one payment with your other utilities, so they're easier to deal with.  

High voltage

Superfast broadband

Binge a box set (or six), work from home, or do whatever. Choose from tons of Sky and Virgin Media broadband deals, get the speed you need, all in a handy monthly payment with your other utility bills. 

Movie camera

TV package

Choose your channel surfing options from a range of Sky TV packages. If you want a good all rounder or extra sport and movie options, we've got you covered, all in a single direct debit with your other bills. 


TV licence

If you watch live TV, you need a TV licence. Like all your other essential bills, you can whack it in your bills package and stop thinking about it. There are tons of options to choose from, including sports and movies. 


Water bill

Never think about your water bill again. Pop it into your bills package to make water costs our problem instead.  Unlimited water is amazing for peace of mind if you're on a water meter. 

The journey to easy bills begins with a single quote

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Moving Planner

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