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How to boost revenue and save time with free utility notification

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How to boost revenue and save time with free utility notification

As a letting agent, time is your most valuable asset. You can’t afford to waste a single minute in the fast-paced property industry. Admin-heavy tasks like utility management are the biggest time sink of all, and rob you of those hours that could be spent on, you know, actually letting properties. 

Imagine if there was a free solution so you could focus on what truly matters…


Can one free service save agents hours of time and make them money?

Yes. One free service can do all of that. Take the hassle out of utility registration with One Utility Bill’s Notify service

Our Notify service saves agents hours of admin time (53 hours a month* to be exact) by automatically notifying utility suppliers and council providers of tenancy changes. It’s simple:


1. You submit property and tenant details into the Notify portal

2. All the suppliers get notified by the One Utility Bill team

3. Your tenants get a call from our team near their tenancy start date


The best part? You earn commission for every property registered with more than 4 days notice. That’s uncapped commission btw. 

Notify isn’t the top rated utility service on Kerfuffle (4.9 ⭐) for nothing! Check out our reviews here.


How do I find out more?

We’ve got you covered. You can always check out our Notify service page here. Or better yet, tune into our webinar below 👇 for a real deep dive into Notify!

Our Notify experts, Steven and Marcus, show you exactly how our Notify portal works and makes registering tenant utilities easy, quick and profitable for agents.



*Based on 20 move-ins per month submitted to Notify.


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Book a call with the team and learn how to get started with Notify and extra revenue today.