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How letting agents can maximise revenue with Notify

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How letting agents can maximise revenue with Notify

Increasing your letting agency’s revenue doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, with One Utility Bill’s Notify service, it’s as simple as it gets. Every time you let a property,  you can boost your revenue even more, with less work and zero cost. 


I can make money for FREE with Notify?

Yep. That’s right. Notify makes managing tenant utilities easier and more profitable for you, for free! 


The easy three step process:
  • You enter tenant details once to the Notify portal
  • All energy, water and council suppliers are notified by the One Utility Bill team, which saves the average agent 53 hours per month.
    • Never speak to a utility provider again!
    • You don’t need to spend hours on hold. We sort everything for you.
  • You get commission for every property registered with more than 4 days notice

For more info on how Notify works, head to this link


Is commission uncapped?

Yes ✅ You can earn up to £15 + VAT with every let. Plus, you never have to manually register utilities again! 

Pro tip: The earlier you add move-ins, the more commission you’ll make. 

  • With 20 move-ins a month you could earn as much as £4,320 a year.
    • You’d also save 53 hours a month, which is more than 636 hours per year.
    • That’s more than £4k in commission for 16 weeks less work

An extra revenue stream for you, with no extra work. Not too shabby, right?


So, how do I get the most out of Notify?

You’re in luck! That’s exactly what we covered in our webinar, Maximising your revenue with Notify, below 👇 It’ll teach you everything there is to know about Notify so you can boost your revenue like a pro.

Discover insider tips and juicy best practices for Notify, straight from our in-house Notify experts, including:

  • How to maximise your commission
  • The best time to add properties
  • How to make changes once a property is submitted


P.S. Feel free to share the recording with your colleagues! Just hit the nifty share buttons below ⬇️

Or you can pretend the handy hints and tips are your own, we don’t mind (promise).


Got properties ready to be added to Notify?

Your extra commission is waiting for you! Log in to the Notify portal and add your properties today.


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