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Easy Energy Saving

Environment save energy
Easy Energy Saving

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, being energy efficient is a good way to reduce the costs of your household and support the environment. It does not have to be expensive! Take small steps starting with changing your habits around the house and you will see that just a few improvements will contribute to your energy bottom line.

Turn it off


Always remember to turn all the lights off, TV and other appliances when you are leaving the room. Do not leave them on a standby mode without a need. In case you are willing to invest more, think about replacing your traditional light bulbs with LED ones. Those 10 times more efficient bulbs could save you around £240 a year!

Save water


Switch from bath to shower. It is quicker and more energy-efficient. When you do your washing, do only full loads of clothes and keep it on 30 degrees. Washing it on higher programmes requires much more energy as more of it is needed to heat up the water. Use eco programmes, if possible.

Manage your heating


Do not overheat! Turning your thermostat down by just one degree may reduce energy consumption by 5%. Install a programmable thermostat that you can adjust specifically to your needs. Also, make sure that your house or flat is well insulated. You will save energy if you can keep the warmth inside better.

Monitor your bills


Keep an eye on the daily household activities and find a way the right way to manage your bills. Only this way you will find out exactly to cut down on the energy usage.

Just a little bit of effort can turn into a big improvement!