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Spotlight on One Utility Bill

What’s in your pipeline?

Lisa Isaacs discovers that today’s utilities services can provide impressive new income streams and savings for your business.

Your new business pipeline is crucial. It should be bristling with potential, but cultivating new contacts and starting conversations takes time – something agents don’t always have.

One of the most time consuming chores in lettings is utilities management. Drawing a line under old accounts, informing suppliers about new tenants and that tricky bit during voids can become an administration nightmare.

Cue a frustrating paper trail and a vicious circle of calls.

If you need more time to concentrate on core tasks or simply want to off load the hassle of managing utilities, there’s good news. A whole utilities management industry exists and the help is offered free of charge.

You can read the full article from the Negotiator and see what our CEO Chris Dawson had to say about the benefits of using a utilities management, here

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