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One Utility Bill • 3 mins

The Less-Stress Moving Guide

How to moving house
The Less-Stress Moving Guide

Handy moving-house checklists

Before you move
Packing checklist
Moving day

The Before-You-Move checklist

Before you move out there are a few things that will make moving day way easier.

  • Sort your paperwork
  • Sort your bills
  • Sort your broadband
  • Declutter
    • Anything you don't use should be recycled or donated so you have less to move. 
  • Get some packing boxes
    • You can buy these online or recycle ones from deliveries. HelloFresh or Gousto boxes are great for this, as well as bigger Amazon delivery boxes. Supermarkets someones have boxes going spare too. 
  • Protect your breakables with towels, blankets and bedding 
    • This will save on finding and paying for packing materials, and also means less recycling or plastic waste later.
  • Book a professional cleaner for the day before you move out
    • If it's in the budget this is a good way to take a huge stress off your mind, and if you've been renting it'll help get your deposit back. 
  • Taking closing meter readings at your current home
    • Before you move out take meter readings so you don't get charged for any energy you haven't used.
  • Sort the bills and broadband for your new home

Packing checklist

  • Pack up one room at a time. 
  • Do a bit every day
    • It makes it easier to fit around work, family and other commitments, and gives you longo
  • Keep a checklist 
    • Even if the most organised person in the world gets more forgetful when they're stressed, so make a note of everything you've still got left to do somewhere so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Grab a sharpie and label everything 
    • Although there's never going to be a better excuse to treat yourself to a label maker if it's in your budget.

Move-in-day checklist and plan

  • Take a photo of video or everything in your new place before you move anything in 
    • This will document the state of your new place and make it easy to resolve any disputes
    • Whether you've bought a new home or are a private tenant, you could get help to fix things that aren't your fault if you have proof they were there when you arrived and aren't your fault. 
  • Create a moving hub
    • The kitchen is a good place for this. Make sure you've got somewhere to grab a cuppa and a snack and have a rest so that you have the energy and brain space to get through moving day. 
  • Do a deep clean
    • Especially in your cupboards and other storage space. It's a great way to make sure you have a fresh start before your clothes, food and belongings are in the way. 
  • Make your bed and set up the bathroom before you do anything else
    • The last thing you want after a long moving day is to get upstairs to an unmade bed, or a bathroom you can't use for a hot shower because it's full of stuff.
  • Chill and get on with unpacking
    • Your beautifully labelled boxes will make this easy ☺️
  • Get meter readings before you move in


Other useful stuff to make moving house easier

Create a digital filing cabinet

Take photos of all important documents related to your new home and save them in a Google Drive or Dropbox, and email them to yourself. That way if you ever lose anything you have a copy for peace of mind. 

Redirect post to your new home

Even if you're super organised there could be a business or person you haven't informed of your move, and a redirect will make sure you get any important documents. 

Make sure you update your address with these businesses when you move:

  • Bank
  • JustEat and Deliveroo (you do NOT want to accidentally deliver to your old address 😩)
  • Phone company
  • Subscriptions
  • TV licence
  • Broadband company

Royal Mail's redirect service makes it easy to make sure you don't miss anything. 

Moving tips from the One Utility Bill team

  • "Pack an overnight bag with your stuff you use on a daily basis: PJs, tooth brush, etc. This saves you unpacking a million different boxes just to have a cosy first night." - Cait
  • When you arrive on move-in day have cleaning products at the ready for a quick spruce up! (Realistically, when are you going to deep clean again?) - Kirsty, People
  • Save delivery boxes from Amazon or Hello Fresh (and ask your family if they have any) to save on overpriced new ones! - Becca, Marketing
  • "Haven't used it in a year? Throw it away! Less stuff to move makes moving a lot easier." -Jodie, Sales
  • "As soon as you're in your new house, MAKE YOUR BED. Avoid the nightmare of having to do it at the end of a long, exhausting day of moving furniture and unpacking boxes." - Jo, Dev
  • "Don’t make any of your boxes too heavy. Spread the load. And buy packing materials like bubble wrap in bulk from Amazon or eBay for your breakables. It’s cheaper than buying little bits at a time." - Matt, Marketing


Useful utility bills stuff: