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Fix your energy bills with unlimited energy

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Fix your energy bills with unlimited energy

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Unlimited Energy is one way to stop thinking about your energy costs for good. Let's take a look at this type of tariff and other handy ways of making your energy bills easier to deal with.

If you want to know more about sorting your bills, take a look at our ultimate utility bills guide, or if you're wondering about energy prices, find out when the next Ofgem energy price cap is.

What is Unlimited Energy?

Unlimited Energy is exactly what it sounds like. It's a service that allows you to use as much energy as you need without worrying about your bills or keeping an eye on the smart meter. You might also see it called uncapped energy.

It's different to the types of energy tariff you get from your gas or electricity supplier. Let's go through the details.

How does an Unlimited Energy deal work?

It works a bit like a unlimited mobile phone contract:

  • Pay a fixed price each month, no matter how much energy you use 
    • Get the convenience of not having to worry about how your usage affects your energy costs.
    • We use the same calculations as an energy company to figure out how much energy you're likely to use, and your Unlimited Energy payment is based on that, with a fee for using the service. 
    • Unlike a traditional supplier, your payments won't change based on your usage and you won't be in debt if you use more than we predicted. 
  • This means your monthly payment is higher than you'd pay to a supplier, because you're paying for an Unlimited Energy service, rather than paying for every unit of energy you use. 
  • This approach isn't for everybody, but it can be a game changer for easy energy bills.
  • It means staying warm in winter, doing all the laundry you need without worrying, and...well, everything else you use gas and electricity for, stress free.

Unlimited Energy tariffs are only available in a bills package, like the ones from One Utility Bill. A bills package puts all of your utility bills into one monthly payment. If you go for a fixed tariff, it's fixed monthly payment that covers everything. OR you can go for a flexible rolling contract, and your prices will change along with the energy price cap.

It's a pretty good deal. Not only is it super handy, but One Utility Bill offer Unlimited Renewable Energy thanks to our energy partners! 

Is it really unlimited?

Yep! One Utility Bill's Unlimited Renewable Energy terms and conditions state that it's unlimited for all domestic energy use. As long as you're not running an industrial kiln or anything, you're covered. 

Is Unlimited Energy environmentally friendly?

Depending on your supplier, it can be! One Utility Bill offer Unlimited Renewable Energy, with 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners, Octopus Energy and Rebel Energy.

That doesn't mean that we encourage everybody using more energy than they need. No matter who your energy supplier is, gas power always creates carbon emissions so while everybody should use what they need to stay warm, safe and fully charged, we'd definitely recommend rethinking that long everything shower and embracing short shower power instead.

Is my Unlimited Renewable Energy deal affected by changes to the energy price cap?

The energy price cap is set every three months of Ofgem, the government energy regulator. It's the maximum energy suppliers can charge for their standard variable tariff.

You can choose from a variable tariff or a fixed tariff when you sign up for One Utility Bill's Unlimited Renewable Energy tariff.

  • If you sign up for a fixed contract, you get fixed energy prices. That means they won't change with the energy price cap.
    • You'll pay the same each month for the length of your contract, and need to pay a fee if you end your contract early.
  • If you need more flexibility, you can choose a rolling contract. This means you can cancel with no fees with 30 days' notice.
    • Your energy prices will charge with the energy price cap, and so could get more expensive, or cheaper, every three months. 

Can I get Unlimited Renewable Energy if I have an electric vehicle?


What are the benefits of Unlimited Renewable Energy?

  • No limits on your energy usage (the obvious benefit, but it's going on the list anyway)
    • Stay warm in winter, no matter how cold it gets. 
    • No worries about doing everyones laundry, keeping everyone clean, or any other energy use.
  • 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners, Octopus Energy and Rebel Energy.
  • Predictable monthly outgoings
  • One fixed monthly payment for ALL your bills (if you choose a fixed energy tariff)

How is Unlimited Energy different to what energy suppliers offer?

  • A traditional energy bill is capped or limited, so your monthly direct debit covers a set amount of energy. 
  • Your monthly payment for energy is usually based on how much energy your supplier thinks you'll use, based on the type of energy user you're likely to be. 
    • If you're a typical household these estimates can be pretty accurate, but don't take into account unseasonably cold weather or anything else that might cause you to use more energy. 
  • Energy usage is is priced per unit, or kilowatt hour (kWh). The cost depends on your tariff, which will be given in a price per kWh. This is your unit rate.
    • For example, at the time of writing, the standard variable tariff unit rates are 6.89p per kWh of gas, and 7.42p per kWh of electricity.
    • An energy provider's standard variable tariff changes with the energy price cap every three months. The cap is set by the energy regulator, Ofgem. It's the most your energy supplier can charge for this tariff.
    • Your energy tariff also dictates the standard charges you pay for gas and electricity
      • The SVT standing charges for gas and electricity are 29.62 per day and 53.37p per day respectively. 
  • If you use more than your supplier estimated, you need to pay the difference. This can mean paying higher bills each month, or having one big "amount owed" at the end of your contract.
    • If you don't send regular meter readings or keep an eye on your usage, it's easy to fall into energy debt. 
  • If you use less than they estimated, you get a rebate (money back).

Here's more info on energy tariffs, if you're curious.

Can I get  fixed rate Unlimited Energy prices?

Yep! When you sign up for Unlimited  Energy with One Utility Bill, you can choose between a fixed price contract which includes a fixed energy tariff, or a rolling contract on the standard variable tariff. Both options come with 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners. Check out our guide to fixed energy if you're wondering "Should I fix my energy?"

Get a quote for fixed Unlimited Energy

Do you still need to know how many kilowatt hours I use?

Yep! If you don't have a smart meter, you'll need to send regular meter readings like you would to your energy supplier. We still need to pay for the energy you use, and we need your meter readings to pay the right amount 👍

Here's an energy meter reading guide if you need it.

Can I get Unlimited Energy with a prepayment meter?

Nope. But if you get in touch with our team, we can get a credit meter fitted instead of a prepayment meter. Both traditional prepayment meters and smart prepayment meters will need to be swapped out, but we can easily arrange this for you. 

A credit meter is the standard meter where you're charged for your usage each month, rather than needing to top up a prepayment meter. Your energy supply isn't dependent on keeping an account topped up.

Sound good? Get an Unlimited Renewable Energy quote

One monthly payment for all your bills

Like we said before, Unlimited Renewable Energy is an option when you sign up for a bills package from One Utility Bill. This will give you one fixed monthly payment for all of your bills. This covers:

One direct debit each month makes your finances super simple and easy to manage.

You can also split the bills with other bill payers, so everybody pays an equal share of the bills from their account, making finances even simpler.

One Utility Bill handle all the set up, admin and other bills admin for you. You just need to sign up and send meter readings (if you don't have a smart meter). 

Signing up for One Utility Bill is super easy.

  • Add your name, address, and other usual details.
  • Choose your services to create a quote
  • Once you're happy, add your payment details and you're good to go.
    • If there's more than one bill payer in your household, they can add their name and bank details or credit card details too, and pay their share from their account each month. 
    • This means everybody paying the bills pays their share with a monthly card payment or direct debit, which makes paying the bills easier for everybody. 
  • One everybody's added their payment method to your One Utility Bill account, we get to work setting you up with your suppliers
    • Make as many quotes as you like before adding any payment methods at all.
    • You don't need to pay anything until your contract starts.

If this sounds good, get a quote for a bills package. It'll only take a couple of minutes.

I'm worried about the cost of living and want to save money, can I just pay for the energy I use?

Definitely! A capped energy deal is a great option if you're trying to keep energy bills as low as possible. You can choose this option when you sign up for a One Utility Bill package. 

You can get all the benefits of a One Utility Bill package, keep an eye on the smart meter and stay on top of your energy saving game to keep costs lower.

  • With this option you'll get a rebate if you use less than your estimated use, or pay the difference if you use more than your energy cap.
  • Check out the energy saving tips at the bottom of this blog. Like a supplier, your monthly cost will be based on energy use for a typical household like yours. 

Staying warm with Unlimited Energy

Staying warm is essential for your health. The World Health Organisation recommends room temperature of 18c and no lower. 

Lower temperatures can cause problems with blood pressure, make you more susceptible to respiratory problems and more. Unlimited Renewable Energy is one way to make sure you stay warm. 

Check out our guide to keeping the heat in during winter for other ways to stay warm. 

save energy and stay warm in winter


Shouldn't you encourage energy saving?

We should and we do. Unlimited Energy was designed* to take the worry out of energy bills, not to encourage people to use more than they need, which is why we usually refer to our service as Unlimited Renewable Energy. The environment should always be part of the picture.

We trust people to use what they need and live comfy lives, without setting the thermostat to 35c or taking eight hour showers. Think about it, most people don't sit on the phone all day every day, just 'cause they have unlimited minutes, so we trust people not to do the same with their energy.

With that in mind, we have a ton of energy saving tips so you can be mindful of your carbon footprint or keep costs low if you're still on a capped energy deal. Take a look:


*by us, no big deal 😎 We were the first company to offer Unlimited Renewable Energy to our customers.


Did you know we also offer Unlimited Water bills?

If you'd rather not think about the cost of your monthly water bill, Unlimited Water could be the service for you. 

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