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How a drone could help you to find a dream house?

Have you ever imagined using a drone when searching for a new house? It was not long ago when we used to rely on a simple advertisement in a local newspaper. The future, however, seems very exciting with a virtual reality headset designed for people to pick the right house that matches their personality. 

Hyper-personalised house

With a huge amount of data collected, based on digital footsteps of each individual internet user, and fast-developing technology, soon we may get access to highly personalised search engines that will help to match the right house with our personality and lifestyle. The filters will be extended for more than a number of bedrooms or housemates. Such an engine would be able to show you a perfect house, close to the railway station that serves your office, with a gym right at the corner and an organic food shop nearby.

Investigating the neighbourhood in a digital way

Imagine that instead of taking a time to walk around the actual property, you are able to check out the area with a device controlled by a remote from your home or office. Since the price of drones is slowly decreasing, this device is expected to become commonly used in the near future, to view the property by day or night and to estimate the level of noise from the street and neighbours.

Furthermore, the virtual reality headset would provide us with the possibility of doing a multi-sensory property tour. Not sure whether you have really seen that odd-looking plant in the garden? You could easily go back and have a look again, all without leaving your desk chair. Virtual reality may revolutionise the property letting industry since it would give people a chance to see and feel the environment with haptic gloves that are designed to imitate the realistic sense of touch.

Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? But it could be a helpful and time-saving way to get first real impressions of the property. It may simply shorten the way to finding the place of your dreams.

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