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What type of energy user are you: low, medium or high?

If you live in a large house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen or similar, your electricity bill will be certainly higher than when renting a one-bedroom flat. Consequently, the larger the property, the greater the energy consumption, since a big space needs more energy to heat up. Also, the more people in the property, the higher the utility usage. However, the level of the energy consumption depends heavily on our habits and how eco-conscious we are.


Ofgem proposed three major types of energy consumers, defined by an average annual energy consumption.

Low user

The average energy usage by a person or household that falls into that group is 8,000kWh of gas and 2,000kWh electricity per year. Typically, low user lives in a one or two-bedroom flat, either alone or with another person. He/she is professional, working full-time, spending most of the time outside the house, thus is using most of the energy at evenings or weekends. Additionally, there are no appliances of a high energy usage in the flat, such as dishwasher or tumble dryer.

Medium user

A medium user lives usually in a 3 – 4 bedroom property, with three or four other tenants and consumes 12,500kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity per year. It can be also a small family. Since many people live in one house, the energy is being consumed constantly and high-energy usage devices may be in use.

High user

Finally, the high user would consume around 18,000kWh gas and 4,600kWh electricity per annum. He/she typically lives in a big flat share with more than four people or is a member of a bigger family, sharing a five-bedroom house. The daily energy usage is high since many devices are plugged and in use at the same time.

Very high user

Finally, the very high user would consume yearly around 36000kWh gas and 7200Wh electricity. He/she lives in a large student house, with six to seven bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. The energy consumption is very high due to the vast amount of devices and perhaps the frequent usage of dishwasher or tumble dryer.

While this classification typically reflects the reality, there are some exceptions. The energy consumption depends heavily on your lifestyle. With a right behaviour, you can save up a lot of energy in your house. You can start with switching the lights off, whenever not needed. 

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