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5 most common utility bill problems

We all have been stressed out at one time in our life seeing much higher figures on the utility bill than we have expected. Is this something that has just happened to you? Do not panic yet, sometimes it can be a small mistake that can be easily resolved. So take a look at your bills, compare it with previous months and see below what could be possibly a reason for the increase of your payment.

  1. Meter read error

Have you recently received a utility bill that is much higher than usual? Perhaps your meter is not working properly. Each month the energy consumption in your property is typically charged based on reading taken directly from your utility meter. If that reading is not accurate, your bill may be higher than it should be. To avoid such a situation, always double-check the meter reading!

  1. Overlapping bill periods

If your last and current billing periods overlap, by even two days, you might be charged twice for those days. Call your provider to ask for a refund of those overlapping days.

  1. Wrong supplier’s estimation

Do you pay your bills by direct debit and you just realised that your account is in credit? When you use more energy than your supplier estimates, your payment will surely increase. If however, the actual energy usage was lower than your supplier’s estimation you can apply for a refund. Keep in mind that the consumption is always higher in the winter months.

  1. A mistake in invoice calculation

Mistakes happen. So take a closer look at your bill, add all the numbers. Perhaps the supplier has calculated some rates wrong. To avoid such time-consuming situation, you can use a professional utility service that will take good care of your bills.

  1. It has been a while since you received a bill

The lack of news is not good in that case! You should contact your supplier to resolve the problem since you are obligated to pay your bills for the energy you use.

You can decrease the chance of the utility bill errors by introducing the right management system that will help you to keep on track with your monthly costs. Only this way you can be sure that your bills are managed correctly each month.

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