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6 Tips To Conserving Energy

Today, conserving energy should be something everyone is conscious of.


Reducing energy consumption has a proven effect on combatting climate change and there are small but significant changes you can make to your daily routine that can help the environment! One Utility  Bill parter with 100% renewable energy suppliers to ensure the energy you are using is better for the planet but that doesn’t mean use more than you need to.

For our capped energy packages, where energy usage is monitored, it is important that you stay within your allowances or there is a risk of using more than allocated which may result in a debit on your account.

If there has been a change in your household circumstances, such as another housemate has moved in, you’re at home more often or have family staying for an extended period, it is best you get in touch with our team so we can increase these allocated allowances for you.

Our team have put together some great energy saving tips and advice to help you reduce your overall consumption.


Go green with your bulbs

Go green with your lightbulbs. If you can, try and use halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diode bulbs as these last longer and are energy and efficient.

Off at the socket, more in your pocket!

If you unplug the appliances that you aren’t using regularly, it can save you some money as leaving your phone charger plugged in can continue to use electricity when it is not in use. Similarly, if you are leaving computers or TVs on standby this is also wasting energy – it’s better to just turn them off.

Lower for longer

It’s more energy efficient to leave your heating on for longer at a lower temperature than it is to have it on sporadically at a higher temperature for a shorter period. Did you know that turning the thermostat down by 1C can save you a massive £60 a year? Get it turned down!

Clean clothes, clean credit! 

The majority of energy used to wash your clothes comes from the cost of heating up the water and the cost of drying your clothes afterwards. If you wash your clothes between 30-40 degrees and hang clothes out to dry afterwards instead of throwing them in the tumble drier you’ll be saving a lot of money.

Master in the kitchen 

Cooking for one or two? Use the smaller rings on your hob, you only need small pans for small meals! Or even better batch-cook a few meals and simply put them in the fridge for later, saving you time and money.

Home improvements

Check your windows and doors to see if there are any draughts are coming through and if you feel a breeze, consider adding weatherstripping around of window frames and draught excluders to the doors. If you’re finding that your home is still cold then loft and cavity insulation could be your solution! Good insulation can save you 15-25% on your energy bills. There are government grants available for this so do look into that if you’re feeling the cold.


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