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Spotlight on One Utility Bill

We have done it: 500 reviews!

Another year on and another milestone achieved; 500 reviews! Over the last 12 months, reviews have more than doubled on the Trustpilot platform, an online review system which enables customers to review the service at the click of a button. This is a fantastic achievement for the company. One Utility Bill prides itself on not just receiving feedback from our customers but incorporating this into future strategies to ensure all customer’s needs are met.

Customers are at the forefront of what we do therefore One Utility Bill is overjoyed with the number of positive responses which has equated to a trust score rating of 4.4 out of 5, showing that customers have engaged with the ‘very easy, quick & efficient’ service the company provides. Whilst we have highlighted the positive responses, our reviews have not always been 5 stars and as such, we have taken our time to reflect, reach out and respond to these reviews to try and resolve any issues. In turn, all customer feedback allows the company as a whole to evaluate the service we have on offer and ensure that going forward the customer’s experience is second to none.

Abby Berridge, Team Leader for Customer Support, is thrilled we have hit this milestone: 

“Being able to provide a customer with excellent customer service is rewarding in itself, but receiving a great Trustpilot review from the customer really is the icing on the cake!”

The Customer Support team has grown over the last year to a team of 9 (from 4), with more team members expected to join the team over the coming months. Over the past year, the team has advanced many of our internal processes and systems to allow for greater user experience and ensure the needs of the customer are consistently met.
The in-house Development team have curated multiple new features to the customer dashboard to allow for seamless usability; features such as the capability to upload meter readings, incumbent bills directly and the ability to refer friends.

In the last month, our customer support team boasts a 1m 1s response time on live chat, 38s call waiting time and a 6hour 1s response time to emails within business hours!

We encourage all our customers to continue to rate and review One Utility Bill, as our business continuously evolves and please do let us know if there is any further way in which we can help you manage your utilities.

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