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Short shower power

Saving energy is always a good idea and it's never been a bigger deal.

Google says people are TWICE as interested in saving energy as they were at this time last year, and who can blame them? There's an energy crisis. Headlines constantly talk about energy bills, energy prices, energy supply, energy everything. Of course people are more interested in their energy consumption. 

It's not just energy costs either. 75% of UK adults care about the environment, and the energy we use impacts the planet too. 

So even if you have an Unlimited Energy package with us, watching your gas and electricity consumption means doing your bit for planet earth. 

Easy ways to save energy

It doesn't matter why you want to save energy. What matters is that you find an easy way to do it.

So let's talk...SHORT SHOWER POWER.

The average shower in the UK lasts 8 minutes, according to YouGov. That uses about 96 litres of hot water. This will change based on your water pressure, shower head, and a few other factors. To put that into perspective, for every shower you need to use enough energy to heat 48 big bottles of pop.

Most people in the UK shower every day, so less shower time is an easy way to boost your energy efficiency. Whether you're trying to shrink your carbon footprint or your energy bill, Short Shower Power could make a BIG difference.

Here's how much energy you could save just by cutting your shower time

Shorter Shower Power - The Numbers

  • Showering for 5 mins instead of 8 would

    • cut the carbon you use to get clean by about 40%

    • save about 36 litres of hot water every single shower!

  • If all One Utility Bill customers embraced Short Shower Power, you'd save 394, 848 litres of hot water every day, you absolute legends.

    • That's 144,119,520 litres of water saved a year

      • Or 57 Olympic swimming pools 

      • Or enough liquid for more than 315 million grande lattes

      • Or 1.9% of the water in Loch Ness. Turns out Loch Ness is pretty massive.**

This is amazing news for your energy bills if you dont’ have one of our Unlimited Energy packages. 

How about carbon emissions?

Doing the 5-minute shower thing saves...

  • 168g of CO2 per shower

  •  336g of CO2 for the average household* every day

    • And 122kg of CO2 saved every year

  • 669,048kg of CO2 every year for ALL One Utility Bill households.

    • That's enough carbon to make more than 267,000 cups of coffee, or drive to the moon 8.7 times.

Short Shower Power could make a HUGE difference for the environment, so we want to make it as easy as possible.

Save energy on your heating bills with Short Shower Power

Here's how to save energy on your heating bills by cutting down your hot water usage.

  • Embrace Short Shower Power with our Short Shower Power playlist

    • Pick a song, and challenge yourself to finish your shower before it’s done.

    • All the songs are 4-5 minutes long, and if you get inspired to make your own short shower playlist, go for it.

  • Invest in a water-efficient shower head

    • There are tons of shower heads designed to use less water.

    • It’s easy to install them in most showers, but check your showe before you buy.

    • There are a few different kinds of low-water shower head, which are explained in more detail at the link by the brilliant people at The Green Age.

How else can I save energy?

If shorter showers sound good, here are a few easy, everyday changes that could cut your carbon emissions (or your bills, if you don’t have an Unlimited Energy package):

  • Check out our rundown of energy saving myths and find out what actually saves energy

  • Keep an eye on your smart meter 

    • You might be surprised at how much energy little changes can save.

    • Turn your TV off standby or the heating down by 1 degree to make a surprisingly big difference!

  • Insulate where you can

    • Heat loss through walls or dodgy windows is a big energy waster.

    • The Energy Saving Trust are all over this with some great tips. (Of course, they're the experts here.)

  • Keep an eye out for other hot water wasters

    • Save 10 litres of hot water a minute by filling the dish with hot water rather than running the tap to wash the dishes. 

    • Turn the tap off when you're brushing your teeth.

      • It's really easy to accidentally use hot water with a mixer tap, and hot water uses energy every second it’s on.

There are lots of ways to cut your energy, but it’s not realistic for most people to change everything overnight. Why not start with one thing? We’re big believers in Short Shower Power, but you do you.

And don’t forget to check out our Short Shower Playlist and try to finish before your chosen song is over.


*The average One Utility Bill house has 2 people, so adjust up or down depending on how many people you live with.

**7452000000 litres or 7,452 million cubic metres. If you wondered.

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